Shri Motilal Talera came as a migrant to Pune from Marwar, Rajasthan with nothing but the proverbial lota ie no money. After a few odd jobs he got his break in business by getting to manage the Pune Hay Market (which was known as Gadital meaning terminal). The farmers from nearby villages would get their bullock carts loaded with hay here to be auctioned for which he used to earn a transaction fee. Nobody could have imagined that in this humble beginning was in fact the seed of Dynamic Logistics.

It was our Chairman Shri Kanhaiyalal Motilal Talera's (KMT) vision to start a warehousing company in 1967 with a few faltering steps which led to the incorporation of Dighi Warehousing Pvt Ltd in 1984. Starting with a space of only 3000 sq ft for warehousing was one of the simplest idea to make use of the large land bank the Talera family owns.

KMT's cool temperament and eye for detail makes him a master in his field though he prefers to keep a very low profile working as diligently as ever. It was this tiny little strategic company bearing the name of the village on the outskirts of Pune where it is located which was rechristened and evolved into the first mover Dynamic Logistics with the efforts, energy and drive of Pramod & Praful Talera, the two sons of KMT.


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