Air Cargo Complex

Dighi Air Cargo Complex (DACC)

Dighi Air Cargo Complex, (DACC) Pune is the second largest air cargo handler in the Western region of Maharashtra after SACC, Mumbai. DACC is located 170 kms away from Sahar Air Cargo Complex (SACC) Mumbai and 10 kms from Lohegaon Airport Pune. The availability of Air import / export Custom clearance at DACC facilitates entrepreneurs to use two Gateway Ports which denotes DACC's strategic importance. DACC has handled more than 10,000 tones of air cargo since its inception. More than 73 Airlines are operating / offering their services at DACC and are also issuing their airway-bills to all major destinations of the world.

Dighi Air Cargo Complex, Pune has been permitted to move import / export air cargo, Custom cleared at Dighi to/fro Sahar Air Cargo Complex (SACC) Mumbai and Lohegaon Airport Pune. The bonded movement in closed body trucks (CBTs) is undertaken by DACC on a daily basis.

DACC undertakes the following activities -

1. Unloading of cargo from exporters trucks under surveyor's supervision as per shipping bills / carting order of Customs.

2. Facilitates Customs clearance through CHA including inspection / X ray scanning of parcels (if needed), repacking of parcels, label / sticker affixing etc.

3. Stuffing of Custom cleared cargo into CBT from DACC to SACC Mumbai / Lohegaon airport Pune accompanied by EGM / Airway Bill / Custom out of charge doxs.

4. Obtaining Airline carting order from officials of respective Airlines at Sahar Mumbai.

5. Pay MIAPL charges and Terminal Handling Charges (THC).

6. Co-ordinate with Customs officials at Sahar, Mumbai for seal verification and unloading / checking of cargo as per documents.

7. Obtaining airline / MIAPL acknowledgement for cargo receipt at SACC.

8. Organizing return of EP copy / TC endorsed by SACC Customs.

Advantages of Custom Clearance at DACC -

1. Customs cleared Cargo is directly carted to the respective airline?s warehouse at SACC.

2. Avoids congestion, high handling and storage charges at SACC.

3. No need to arrange for separate transportation to SACC.

4. Cumbersome 'N' form formalities are eliminated.

5. Huge savings in cost, efforts due to low cost of handling, storage and transportation at DACC.

6. Highly competitive rates vis a vis Mumbai

7. Eliminates Middleman and hence process inefficiencies.

The EXIM Trade in this region thus benefits in terms of having a single window / single roof concept to clear import / export cargo near their doorsteps. DACC is the best option to rationalize foreign trade cost and increase efficiencies.


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