Air Cargo - Imports Tariff download

Tariff w.e.f May 01, 2017
Handling at Sahar / Transportation and Handling at ICD-DIGHI.
CBT - Capacity Rate
1 Ton 5000
1.5 Ton 6000
5 Ton 10000
7 Ton 12000

Above rates include, obtaining permission from Customs, AI / MIAPL at Sahar. Filling TP in Customs, verifying cargo with MAWB, Loading. Transportation to ICD-DIGHI. Un-loading at ICD-DIGHI and delivery into the Importer's / CHA vechicle.

The above rates are dedicated for Closed Body Trucks. If cargo is consolidated the cost will be shared on a pro-rata basis calculated on the chargeable weight.

All charges will be calculated on the basis of chargeable weight shown in the House Air Way Bill (HAWB) / Master Air Way Bill (MAWB) whichever is applicable.

Above charges are for normal cargo dimensions of cargo only. Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC) movement will on ADHOC and mutually acceptable basis.

Custom OT Charges At Actual - if applicable
Sundry Charges At Actual - if applicable
IGM Filing 130 per document
Storage Insurance 1.90 per 10000 of the cargo value
Seal Charges 100 per seal
Toll Charges At actual

F. AI/ MIAPLTSP charges are applicable on gross weight or chargeable weight whichever is higher.

G. Documentation charges per HAWB 500.

H. For AI handled Air Lines TSP Charges are 1.00 per kg + Service charges.

I. For MIAPL handled Air Lines 5.84 per kg + Service charges

J. MIAPL Royalty is applicable at 20.13% + Service Tax on Bonded Trucking and related service charges.

J. Detention charges of 1000 will be applicable if CBT is held for more than 8 hrs at any location.

Storage Charges

Period Rate Per Kg per Day
Up- to 5 days Free
Between 8 to 20 days 1.50 / kg
Beyond 20 days 2.00 / kg


Storage Charges at ICD-Dighi for first 5 days is free from the date of arrival.

Note -

(i) Agents /Shipper to insure that the weight declared on the HAWB are correct and packages of cargo meant for Transshipment under our services are road worthy. As under no circumstances will ICD-Dighi be liable for any discrepancies or damages to goods while transit in our custody.

(ii) Please ensure that Consolidator / Consignee covers full commercial value of cargo under Transit Insurance Cover as ICD-Dighi does not provide Transit Cover for goods.

(iii) ICD -Dighi will bear "NIL LIABILITY" for any damage due to poor / un-roadworthy packaging of goods.

(iv) Airlines / Consolidators Agent to make sure that the Carrier is registered at destination for EDI purpose with Customs. This is to ensure  smooth filing of IGM, goods de-stuffing and warehousing and completion of Bill of Entry.

(v) Any Demurrage / storage charges at ACC, Sahar on account of shipper or Airline would accrue to respective parties and Dynamic would not be responsible for the same, indemnifying Dynamic of all costs and risks. All Customs formalities / risks / charges at Dighi and Sahar are to shipper account.

(vi) ICD-Dighi does not handle IMDG hazardous cargo or cash..

(vii) Service Tax applicable.


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