Transportation Management System

The TMS provides Dynamic Logistics ability to effectively manage the transportation needs of both inbound and outbound logistics operations. This system can seamless integrate with both WMS and ICDMS, taking the data outputs of these systems and providing the transportation manager an efficient tool to manage real time movements. The system provides solid backbone to our unique Transport Panel concept.

In-bound module of the TMS provides ability to plan various collection and inward movement of goods. The milk route collection module provides real time data on movement of multiple vehicles and allows synchronization of efforts. Route and load optimization during planning stage and ability to select appropriate vehicles based on their capacity, efficiency and track record, ensures smooth collection process. Master plans for Hub-and-spoke model of inbound operation gives a bird's eye view of entire operation.

Out-bound module of TMS draws data from dispatch plans and movement plans of WMS and ICDMS to give advance vehicle plans. Load optimization, route optimization and vehicle loading sequence plans provide the transport manager tools to ensure optimization of vehicle movements.

The whole system can be integrated with GPS based tracking system.


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