Warehouse Management System

Dynamic's WMSGiant Panda is a web based system developed in-house by the TEAM-IT. This is a fully work-flow enabled system synchronizing the entire operation of a warehouse. Different screens in WMS provide Role-appropriate information and provide the operators and managers the right kind of information. This information is presented to users sorted on rule-based priorities.
Whole system is driven by planning modules, which provide warehouse managers ability to prioritize and plan day-to-day operations sufficiently in advance. Unique "Alert" module provides alerts on every exception, guiding users to potential problem areas allowing them to pro-actively take appropriate decisions.

Other unique features of this system are multitude of optimization tools, intuitive "three window" user interface, real time performance monitoring for each user, ability to integrate latest technology and Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) like Bar coding, RFID, GPS data, Data capture using mobile phones and SMS features etc.


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